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Kenya Tour Extensions for the Masai Mara Signature Predator Safari...

What follows are 6 different extensions which dovetail beautifully with your safari, but which are only booked on a 'per request' basis. The thinking behind these extensions is simply to maximize your time in Africa as you would have flown all the way out to Africa from afar. Since you will be here already, it makes sense to stay longer. Each extension also offers totally different and unique photo opportunities. You can book one or more and any combination of the below 6 extensions:  

*4 -7 day 'great elephant herds of Mount Kilimanjaro' extension - Amboseli National Park: A 45 minute flight will take you into the heart of an exclusive private conservancy in Amboseli National Park. Here you have full access to the national park but more importantly you will enjoy our own private conservancy away from the minibus tourist vehicles. Inside the conservancy you will enjoy exclusivity and total freedom as you go about your photography. Our aim on this extension of your Kenya private safari is to photograph beautiful herds of elephants and giraffes with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. Our camp is situated at the base of Mount Kilmanjaro and sipping your 'beverage of choice' in the bar, you will enjoy the finest view of Mount Kilimanjaro of any safari camp in Africa. Our camp is of Italian origin and organic produce is freshly grown on the lodge grounds. The cuisine has a distinctly Italian flare and this, combined with the view from the camp, means that you will enjoy the finest traditional safari experience, as only Kenya can offer. An Amboseli photo safari is the perfect end to your safari as the vista is incredible and so are the photographic opportunities. I work with an excellent guide in Amboseli who knows exactly what photographers want. Our private safari truck is also open sided to maximize your photographic experience. For those of you wanting the ultimate elephant extension, we carry on to Ol Donyo in the Chyulu Hills and Tsavo in search of giant Tuskers. Please enquire about this when booking.

*5 day Rwanda gorilla extension: If you are looking to make this a true bucket-list safari, we can arrange a Gorilla trekking extension. Rwanda is just a 1 hour flight away from Nairobi and we will take you to the very place where Diane Fossey did her research. You will need a minimum of 4 extra nights to do this extension which includes two gorilla treks. This extension is booked on a per request basis only and seeing the gigantic gentle gorillas in the flesh is an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience - so don't think twice about doing it. Permits are very limited so book now.

*4-8 day Northern Kenya extension: This extension is the perfect addition to your safari as you follow the Great Rift Valley through Kenya. Along the way you can photograph the rift valley lakes in all their glory from a helicopter. Photographing flamingoes from above is an 'out of Africa' experience not to be missed. If you have a penchant to go off the beaten track then this extension is definitely for you. From authentic Samburu cultural experiences through to photographing the endangered northern rangeland species like Grevy's Zebra, this extension will blow you away. Gerenuk, Reticulated giraffe, striped hyena, wild dog plus leopards are also on offer, as are breathtaking views of Mount Kenya and exceptional birdlife.  Everyone who has done this extension has said it was the best safari experience of their life.

*3 day Rhinos of Mount Kenya extension: Not many photographers know this but Kenya is the best place in Africa to photograph rhino. I know a secret location where you can photograph white rhino with babies as well as the elusive black rhino. We can also photograph reticulated giraffe and lion in a secret forest below the Aberdare mountain range. The birdlife is prolific and our accommodation is in Kenya's finest and most luxurious boutique lodge which has only 6 rooms. This extension is our latest addition and an absolute must. It dovetails easily with the Northern Kenya extension as we can transfer by road between locations. See a baby rhino picture story from this extension...

*6 day Tanzania Mahale Chimpanzee extension: This time of year the largest wild population of chimpanzees in the world are foraging low down making this an excellent safari extension to do. We have our own guide and trackers, so you can take your time and if you do not want to hold the group up, you can wait and rest, and then have your own chimp viewing. This highly exclusive extension is regarded among African aficionados as one of the finest safari destinations and not to be missed. To get a feel for this extension watch a movie clip click here

*4-7 day Tanzania Ruaha Extension: Ruaha National Park is known as the 'connoisseur's park' and not for no good reason as it offers pure unadulterated wild bush country. You will enjoy a mobile safari that will see you experiencing and seeing parts of Ruaha that few people ever get to see. A walking safari and mobile camping experience is what this extension is all about. Ruaha is regarded as one of Africa's wildest bush parks. Ruaha has exceptional baobab trees, perfect for star trails. For this extension we have special permission to walk in Ruaha and we are guided by the best walking guide in East Africa. This Ruaha extension is booked on a private request basis only.

Any one or combination of the above safari extensions can be arranged to make this a safari of a lifetime.
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Your guide

Eighth-generation African and professional wildlife photographer Greg du Toit will lead you on this remarkable expedition (read guest testimonials here). Having resided in southern Kenya for two years he captured unique imagery of free-ranging lion by sitting inside a waterhole. This story received worldwide media coverage including a BBC Worldwide Media Service interview. On this photographic safari he will provide expert photographic tuition at your level of experience and he will also bring fundamental geographical and animal behavioural knowledge to the table, thereby ensuring that you obtain your dream images. He has been photographing in the Masai Mara for 15 consecutive years now and he knows the camps, the guides and the area intimately.

Summary: The Masai Mara is the undisputed wildlife mecca of Africa. The only draw back is the excessively heavy vehicle traffic associated with the migration. The predators however do not migrate and neither do the other inhabitants of the ecosystem. This safari offers you the opportunity to photograph Africa's true bounty including an array of predators second to none. 6 exciting extensions make this a safari of a lifetime and one that cannot be matched anywhere else. Kenya is the home of the safari and I invite you to come and find out why. All the images used in this itinerary were shot in the same areas you will be visiting.

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