African Anomalies:

Whether it be a hippo swimming in lava, or an elephant’s trunk plucking brilliantly green grass, the ‘African Anomaly’ collection by fine art wildlife photographer Greg du Toit is a collection of ordinary African subjects captured in an extraordinary way. This powerful collection of fine art wildlife photography has been assembled over a period of five years, with the photographer avoiding the use of super telephoto lenses, preferring to get up close and eye-level to his subjects. The result is an evocative collection of African wildlife art prints elegantly juxtaposing the dynamic chaos and strange serenity synonymous with the continent. This fine art wildlife collection contains some of the worlds best wildlife photos and are also available as African wildlife canvas prints. Included are excerpts from the photographer’s journal and all subjects depicted are carrying out a wild and free existence in Africa’s ecosystems.

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Photos by Greg du Toit
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