Diverse Africa:

This dynamic Africa photo gallery offers a rare glimpse into the inexhaustible diversity contained within Africa’s biomes. African wildlife photos range from butterflies to lions and works of art have been included from Zululand in South Africa to Maasai-land in Kenya. These collectors prints embody the enchanting diversity of Africa’s ecosystems with each individual piece presenting its subject in a beautiful yet concise manner. This collection of Africa photographic art includes species inhabiting deserts, rivers and dusty valleys. Furthermore, this unique collection of African wildlife fine art prints hints not only at the staggering biodiversity found on the continent, but leaves room for the audience to ponder the ancient and often invisible relationships that link these organisms together. Fine art prints in this collection are also available on photo canvas! Included are excerpts from the photographer’s journal and all subjects are wild and free inhabitants of Africa.

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Photos by Greg du Toit
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