Souls of Africa:

Globalization, urbanization and modernization have never been more rampant than in this, our new millennium. As a result, traditional cultures are fast disappearing, amalgamating into one global community. ‘Souls of Africa’ is a refreshing post-millennial undertaking representing African people living traditional African lives. This portfolio of African cultural prints is unique in that the author spent several years living and working alongside a few of these cultures, gaining trust and invitation to document their remarkable lives. Two of Africa’s remaining pastoral cultures, the Himba and the Maasai, are the focus of the collection. Whether it be a Himba woman or images of Maasai - these hauntingly beautiful yet sincere images, offer a refreshing and poignant reminder that it is not too late for the souls of Africa.  These African photos are also available as limited edition canvas art. Included are excerpts from the photographer’s journal...

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Photos by Greg du Toit
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