African Synergy:

There exists a powerful synergy across the African continent, linking organisms and ecosystems, one to another. This rhythm of Africa is like the steady beat of a heart, subtly audible and ever present. Poets, writers, artists and explorers have, for centuries, attempted to document or communicate this unique spirit. The more foolish of them have even claimed to have understood Africa, only to realize that what they thought was a rhythmic heart beat, was in fact a single pulse of a heart they never knew. Whether it be recorded in the journals of early missionaries like Livingstone, or romantic novels written by eccentrics like Karen Blixen, the magnetic pull of Africa remains as powerful and elusive as it was then. ‘African Synergy’ is a collection of fine art nature photography, by a wildlife photographer who was born in Africa, and has spent his life under African skies with his camera always close at hand - to translate Africa’s many nuances. This collection of 'Africa nature pictures' is intentionally displayed in the form of an African slideshow, subtly linking pieces from five African countries, and hinting towards the perpetually obscure yet distinctly tangible synergy that defines the continent. This collection of African wildlife photography is also available as 'African wildlife canvas' with canvas prints from photos shipped to order.

Where wildlife is depicted, all creatures were photographed in free and wild conditions...

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