Visions of Africa:

‘Visions of Africa’ offers a dramatic and powerful collection of African Landscapes and African wildlife landscapes. Arisen from one artist’s passion for the wide spaces of Africa and the spirit of freedom that they embody, this collection of African fine art photographyis unique in that the author has purposefully taken a step back, spending months and years waiting for that decisive moment, to capture Africa in context. This collection of fine art nature prints includes pieces from some of Africa’s most iconic landscapes, but also offers a spellbinding journey to remote and never before photographed wildernesses. These African fine art prints aim to connect their audience with the wild freedom that has drawn explorers and adventures to Africa’s shores for centuries. May these wild frontiers be conserved, and may the freedom that they embody, continue for centuries to come. Included in this collection of limited edition prints are excerpts from the photographer’s journal with African photography tips. This unique collection of Africa nature photographyis also available as canvas art. Where animals are portrayed, they are all wild and free.

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Photos by Greg du Toit
�Copyright 2011

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