Wilderness Dreaming

Packed with danger, humour and true-life campfire tales, Wilderness Dreaming is an endearingly honest memoir of one photographer’s unforgettable quest for his own lost Africa. Listen to this Wilderness Dreaming review.

Wilderness Dreaming

Wilderness Dreaming chronicles the adventurous life of one of Africa’s most acclaimed wildlife photographers. As a young boy, Greg du Toit falls in love with the mysterious sounds, mesmerising creatures and heady aromas of the South African bush. At 18 and fresh out of school, his obsessions catapult him away from the rat race of his childhood suburbs, and into the Africa of his dreams. It takes qualifying as a safari guide, and surviving a buffalo charge while seeking out a reclusive forest bird, for Greg to find his life’s calling: photographing the alluring animals of a hauntingly beautiful continent. His journey takes him to Kenya where, living alongside the Maasai, he discovers a secret waterhole. Next, Greg sets out on a photographer’s definitive quest to capture a corner of his lost Africa, where humans and free-ranging wildlife still co-exist. An exhilarating memoir, Greg’s story brings to life an Africa with much wildness left to celebrate — and one photographer’s place in it. Read this Daily Maverick review.

Publisher HPH Publishing
Print length: 440 pages
Dimensions: 232x156mm (9.1 x 6.1 inches)
Weight: 848.22g (1.87 pounds)
Format: Paperback with 36 illustrations
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More about Africa coffee table book AWE: Africa is a fascinating continent, full of mystery, power and beauty. It is these qualities that helped draw romantics like Karen Blixen to her shores a century ago. Many however feel that the 21st century Africa has lost its ‘awe’. Others are of the opinion that they have seen all the ‘awe’ that Africa has to offer and there are of course also those that still find Africa’s sights, sounds and smells as intoxicating as ever. Whichever camp you are in, through the pages of AWE, South African author and wildlife photographer, Greg du Toit, invites you on a journey with him to rediscover an enchanting Africa, one that is as freeing and captivating as it was when Livingstone first set foot on its wild shores.

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More advanced photographers will especially enjoy the lavish array of photographs and tips from internationally acclaimed African wildlife photographer Greg du Toit as he explains how to apply and tweak the fundamentals of photography to capture creative photographs that tell their own story. This photography tips book highlights the same techniques used by this South African author and photographer in his own fine art wildlife photography.

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About this South African author

Greg du Toit  is a professional African wildlife photographer whose signature collection of African wildlife fine art photography is easily recognized by the tangible mood, primitive energy and vibrant colours that it portrays. While his work is widely published, he has also been interviewed by the BBC World Service and has appeared on the NBC’s ‘Today Show’. He is the author of 3 books:

1.  ‘African Wildlife Exposed’ – an African coffee table book portfolio of his 1st decade’s work in Africa. This best selling Africa coffee table book was published in 2013 and sold out. It is now only available here (less than 300 left) and comes autographed as a special collector’s item.

2. ‘Getting It Right In Camera’ – a photography tips book for photographers. Small and handy!

3. ‘Wilderness Dreaming’ – the memoir of this South African author, published worldwide to critical acclaim.

Greg is not only a writer and African conservation photographer, but also a passionate citizen of Africa, one who communicates his personal appreciation and AWE for wild creatures through both his words and imagery.