Dusk to Dawn

Africa wildlife photography is very popular in general but as a professional Africa wildlife photographer, I know that African wildlife silhouette photography is perhaps the most popular of all and that is why I have compiled this collection of wildlife silhouette photography.

Wildlife silhouette photography works because the human eye is very complex and the human brain very advanced in terms of its ability to process light and imagery. This results in us seeing a world that is visually busy and very different to silhouette photography. What the camera has the power to do through both silhouette photography and a silhouette photo, is to simply declutter our world and by leaving only the outline of the subject in my African wildlife silhouettes, your focus shifts to the animal itself.

This Dusk to Dawn gallery of African wildlife silhouettes featured on the BBC News and there is perhaps nothing more quintessential to Africa wildlife photography than African wildlife silhouettes. I invite you now to browse this collection of African wildlife silhouette photography.

See my African wildlife silhouette photography on BBC News.

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