GDT Signature Collection

This collection of unique and rare African wildlife fine art photography is the result of over two decades spent in Africa’s wildest places by African-born fine art wildlife photographer Greg du Toit.

Unique photographic concepts, unusual angles, sublime light, incredible subjects and wild environments have been combined to create this unique collection of African wildlife photography prints. From enchanting forests through to grassy plains, this collection of African wildlife photography for sale includes animals as rare and special as the aardvark and pangolin. A charging elephant, a galloping giraffe, a lion cub’s reflection – each piece of African wildlife photography art in this signature collection is reserved for those most rare and special photographs. Prints include a tower of giraffe seemingly hidden in the tall grass, a vanishing elephant and a sprinkling of flamingoes. This sublime collection of African wildlife fine art photography includes both colour and fine art black and white wildlife photography. Read more about GDT fine art wildlife prints.

All prints in the GDT Signature Collection are rare moments of splendour and each is limited to just 1 of 5 numbered prints worldwide and are printed in an X-large or custom size.

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