Visions of Africa

This gallery has arisen from my passion for the wide spaces of Africa and the spirit of freedom that they embody. I have purposefully taken a step back, spending months and even years, waiting for that decisive moment to capture Africa’s wildlife in context. The gallery illustrates not only Africa’s creatures carrying out a wild existence but more importantly, it illustrates the environment in which these wild animals live. As such, the best term to describe these prints (and one that is not yet in the dictionary), would be ‘animalscapes’. To assemble this chapter, I journeyed to Africa’s most iconic regions and to more remote wildernesses. Taking you on a spellbinding journey, each image aims to connect you with the wild freedom that has drawn explorers and adventures to Africa’s shores for centuries, and each serves as a poignant reminder that the wild allure of Africa has not yet vanished.

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