Greg du Toit


Greg believes in the raw beauty of Africa and in the power for photography to give wild animals a voice. His photographs are intimate moments that he has experienced in wild Africa, which he shares with you. As such no bait, camera traps, digital manipulation or captive bred animals are used in his work.


Greg has lived in 4 African countries and photographed in a further 15 and he is the author of two books. The coffee table book, entitled ‘AWE’, is a portfolio of his work in Africa and contains a decade’s worth of imagery while ‘Phototips – Getting It Right In Camera’ is a how-to book for wildlife photographers.

Greg is currently working on his 3rd book, keep visiting for updates.


Both signature & bespoke custom safari experiences led by Greg make for life defining moments. Each safari is designed around getting the most out of the region, the wildlife and your camera. Gregs knowledge expands from the wildlife, camera settings and perfect timing. All these elements make for a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience.

The first few years of his career were spent in Timbavati Game Reserve (South Africa), where he served an apprenticeship as a Wilderness Trails Guide. It was during these years that he set aside devoted time to study every aspect of the African bush, including identifying as many species of wild flowers, trees, grasses and dung beetles as possible! His days were spent stalking Africa’s big game on foot and these skills later proved invaluable as he focused his attention on wildlife photography. Since those early days, he has gone on to photograph some of Africas wildest, remotest and largest ecosystems. His artwork has hung in both the London and Sydney Natural History Museums and his Authentic Africa collections have been exhibited across the globe, from New York to Singapore.

Although he has photographed bears and wolves in Russia and polar bears in the arctic, African wildlife remains his true love and his specialty. His fine art wildlife works are easily recognized by the tangible mood, primitive energy and vibrant colours that they convey and these intimate interactions with the natural world, skilfully composed and captured in-camera, have brought him international acclaim. He was invited to exhibit his work for the National Geographic Society in London and Singapore respectively, where his solo exhibit titled Africa sold out in its first month, before being extended. The London gallery hosted an unprecedented 40 000 visitors per day.

Greg also regularly receives honors in the most prestigious wildlife competitions in the world including the most coveted title in world wildlife photography, namely ‘The Wildlife Photographer of the Year’. His image titled ‘Crossing Frenzy’ toured the world as part of the 2009 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, while another image titled ‘Black Rhino Forest’ received a Gerald Durrell Endangered Wildlife Award in the 2010 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPY). With a total of 6 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year awards, his latest image titled Wild Dog Pack, was a finalist in the 2017 black and white category. View all his awarded images on this link: WPY awarded images. He is also honored to have co-judged a photographic competition hosted by Africa Geographic and alongside fellow judges Peter and Beverly Pickford.

Essence of elephants

Greg du Toit on the 49th Annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

Although a fine art wildlife photographer by profession, his artwork and writing is however much more than a career; it is a way for him to channel his passion for Africa and to share the beauty and awe of Africa’s wild places with others, hopefully contributing to their continued existence. Highlights in his career include undertaking a three-month project that entailed camping in the remote north of Kenya, where he lived alongside local Samburu tribesman and got to experience their culture first hand. Another special time for him was the extensive undertaking to photograph the remote region of Kenya’s southern rift valley, home to the traditional Loodokilani clan of the Maasai tribe. It was during this sixteen month project that Greg was able to spend much time on the remote shores of Lake Natron, not only the largest breeding ground for Lesser Flamingo in the world, but also one of Africa’s most inhospitable lakes. His time spent documenting from the shores of Lake Natron, led to an Africa Geographic cover story in February 2006 titled ‘Living on the Edge’.

While in Kenya, he also undertook to photograph nomadic free ranging lion, which eke out a precarious existence beyond formal park or reserve boundaries. Setting up hides and spending countless hours sweating it out on the floor of the Rift Valley, he was finally able to capture images of these wild and elusive creatures. A fun and behind the scenes story titled ‘A Waiting Game’ appeared in the June 2009 issue of the BBC Wildlife magazine. He was also interviewed about this story on NBC’s Today Show as well as on BBC World Service (click here to see more of Greg in the media). This story received wide media coverage the world over.

He also spent a total of twenty-two months in the deep south of Tanzania where he set out to document one of Africa’s largest and truly wild wildernesses. In fact, it was so remote and wild that in the south of Ruaha National Park, he had to first slash rudimentary bush tracks, before undertaking to photograph the area. This project led to the first ever published photographic portfolio representing Ruaha National Park, which appeared in the March 2008 issue of Africa Geographic magazine. A more recent photographic adventure entailed trekking with local Maasai guides and pack mules over the wall of the Great Rift Valley, walking from the Masai Mara to Lake Natron.

Greg has before been commissioned by the BBC Wildlife Magazine to assemble a groundbreaking portfolio on African leopards. This project lasted three years and saw him spending over 600 hours in the field photographing wild leopards. The goal of the project was to photograph the leopard in the pitch dark of the African night and in a world first, this 13 page portfolio was published in the Oct 2012 issue. You can now join Greg and learn his secret recipe for photographing leopards here

Most recently his images have featured in the ‘remembering’ series of coffee-table books and auctions held at London’s Royal Geographic Society. These projects are a collaboration of the best wildlife photographers in the world and all proceeds have gone to rhino, elephant, great ape and lion conservation. You can read more about this project here. He is also the conservation ambassador for the ‘Rebuilding The Pride‘ lion project in Kenya which helps protect the free ranging lion population in the south rift valley of Kenya. Through the hosting of exhibitions in both Kenya and the USA, as well as the selling of his books at these events, whereby all proceeds go to the project, he continues to raise awareness and also offers a very unique safari annually to visit the project and area. This safari includes photographing flamingoes from the air and you can read more about this one-of-a-kind safari here.

One of his current focuses is in offering bespoke private photographic safaris and small group photographic workshops. In addition to running his own personalized safaris, he is also commissioned by other safari operators to conduct and host photographic workshops. National Geographic Expeditions have before contracted him as an Expedition Manager on their ‘Southern Africa by Private Air Expedition’ and he has been invited to speak as far afield as northern Finland (click here to read more about his inspirational presentation). After living in the African bush and on remote locations he is now based in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. From this base he is available for commissions and has before been commissioned by the National Geographic Channel on the launch of their Great Migrations series. Greg was selected by the California Academy of Sciences as a 2019 judge for the Big Picture Natural World Competition and in 2021 he joined forces with some of the most renowned photographers in the world to auction prints for the ‘Art For Wildlife Rangers sale’.

Guest Testimonials

  • We would like to thank you for the great predator trip to Kenya, with the extension to Amboseli. From the beginning to the end, you managed to get us into the right spot at the right time. Your dedication to the bush and the animals was extraordinary. On every game drive we could be sure that you would give your best ing terms of getting us to the predators, especially to the cats. We managed to get to some amazing sightings with the big cats and elephants! Especially at Amboseli we felt the dedication in searching the big tusker and on our first day, shortly after we landed on the airstrip, and we succeeded to see Craig - the second biggest tusker in Amboseli. A dream come true! The lodges were well chosen and in amazing surroundings. What makes the trip with you special and productive is the fact that you know the places and the people (drivers) very well. This small, but key-factor, gave us some amazing encounters with lions, leopards an elephants. It was an mind-blowing experience to travel with you and we hope that you will see us again in the future. If you are looking for a down-to-earth person, that is connected to the bush and the animals, and if you want to see nature through his eyes and through your camera, Greg is THE ONE. Thank you for this amazing trip!
    Thomas and Sarah (Switzerland)
  • 'On behalf of Kim and myself, I wanted to thank you for a superlative vacation. Although we have not finished going through all of our photos yet (so many!), we can say that any single day of our safari exceeded our expectations for the entire trip. We saw that much! And the credit is due to Greg and our local guides David and Patrick, who were kind enough to share their knowledge of the natural history of East Africa, as well as insights into the Maasai culture. Kim and I are both trained as anthropologists, so understanding the dynamic of the Maasai and their landscape was important to us. We were very excited to learn about how the conservancies work, as this sounds like an important innovation in conservation. We also greatly appreciated the opportunity to take a walking safari! In closing, the last thing we expected to see was a leopard somersaulting over a dead Caracal, but the attached photo proves me wrong. Thanks again!'
    David and Kim Purcell (USA)
  • 'It was a great pleasure to discover that Greg is an outstanding naturalist and birder as well as a world-class photographer. Birders and naturalists who lack an interest in photography would certainly be interested in Greg's other skills. Greg played a very large role in assuring the success of our Safari in many ways.'
    Bob and Sue Purcell (USA)
  • 'Good morning Greg. I trust you got home safely. Thanks for being such an incomparable guide and company. See you in February, if not before (maybe October).'
    Stephen and Eric Cheek (UK)
  • 'Our safari exceeded our expectations! Greg's companionship, leadership & instruction was outstanding. It was clear that he engaged the best drivers in Bashi & Roan. They amazed us in their ability to find wildlife & the lengths to which they go to ensure we were in the right spot. We appreciated his "bush school" where he reiterated basic photography techniques. His reminders of the starting point settings while on location was also very helpful. We also had great fun photographing predators by spotlight & flash. He even taught us to photograph the night sky. Greg, I hope we can travel with you again in East Africa. Words cannot express how happy & excited we are with you, your team & our images!'
    Tom and Pam Holmes (USA)
  • 'I have traveled several times to Africa, but my recent trip with Greg to Mahale and the Serengeti has been a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Greg's photo workshop was amazing. I feel much more comfortable with my camera now. The greatest wisdom I carried away from Greg is this: I am the photographer not the camera, I can be in control and not depend on the  camera's interpretation of what I see. His tips and advice put me on the right direction to being in control! Beyond the camera, Greg's passion for the natural and his immense knowledge of the Serengeti from the predators to the birdlife and to the smallest flower in that never-ending expanse, gave me a privileged glimpse into the heart of Africa. Thank you Greg. See you on the predator tour!'
    Punam Anand Kumar (India)
  • 'A journey for my soul. Wild as I always wanted it to be. Everlasting memory. Grazie Greg.'
    Silvia Leonardi (Italy)
  • 'Hi Greg, At last we found time to send you a message! We're so busy editing photo's! Thank you very, very, very much for sharing these amazing two places with us! That was the best safari we did, EVER. And I'll never forget the baobab, still makes me cry when I think of it, sooooo beautiful! And of course thanks for all the foto lessons and your patience, explaining and setting my camera. Please let us know when your book is on the market, as said, we'll take about 5 copies! Bye for know, we'll be in touch, have fun on your next trip!'
    Astrid & Jurg Bluemel (Switzerland)
  • 'Greg, Thank you for making possible an unending number of opportunities for us to be part of African nature and wildlife experiences that have have changed our lives and touched our souls. We anxiously await our next adventure with you. With our sincere and heartfelt thanks, Clinton and Rae-Anne Jammer.'
    Rae-Anne Jammer (Canada)
  • 'I had a hard time writing this review. After having spent almost two full weeks with Greg, he has become a friend. And as much as it sounds odd to say, I expected to grow as a photographer, but did not expect to grow as a person like I did as well. Greg was able to take my photography to the next level in more ways than I can express. My understanding of both camera mechanics as well as animal behavior, from start to finish, was incredibly improved. He is beyond knowledgeable in both and it made the game drives interesting, and exciting. Getting to a good sighting, and being able to ask what settings we needed, or what to look for, made the whole process seamless. There was little guessing, shots just started to look good. Then, after a day or two, they started to look very good. I was almost always in the right position! We are already planning future trips with Greg, and I can see this becoming an annual destination. I can not recommend him enough!'
    Chris Fischer (USA)