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As a wildlife photographer, I am regularly published in various mediums. On this page I share some of my published work, including honors received in various local and international photographic competitions.

Field notes from a master

Greg du Toit, winner of the 2013 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, is a busy man. Since winning the award he has been on full throttle – delivering talks, attending functions and of course guiding lucky clients on personal guided safaris – not to mention adding to his personal image library. He took the time to share with us some of his favorite images, providing field notes and anecdotes.

BBC Wildlife Magazine

I was thrilled to receive a commission from the BBC Wildlife Magazine to compile a 13 page portfolio on the African Leopard.

An interview with wildlife photographer, Greg du Toit

Greg du Toit is probably Africa’s best known wildlife photographer. In 2013 he won the BBC World Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. However, this award was long overdue as Greg has been taking some of the best wildlife photographs in Africa for almost two decades.

Today the 38-year-old is also one of the best photographic guides on the continent, and leads tours to some of the most beautiful protected areas in Africa. I caught up with Greg recently to ask him a few questions.

Read the full Africa Geographic article here

A visual wildlife journey with Greg du Toit

‘Stunning silhouettes show animals of Africa at sunrise and sunset’ – BBC News

The photos are part of a wider series called Dusk to Dawn and were shot in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. Mr Du Toit told Media Drum news agency: “I simply want to convey the incredible diversity, mystery and wonder that I feel for my wild subjects. “What the camera has the power to do, through silhouette photography, is to simply de-clutter our world.”

Feature stories

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‘Photographer captures amazing images of lions after submerging himself in watering hole for three months’ – Daily Mail

Wildlife photographer Greg du Toit was so determined to capture the perfect image of wild lions drinking he sat submerged in their watering hole for three months. The defiant photographer had endured a year of failed attempts at getting the right picture after building hides and digging trenches near the animals’ drinking spot. In a final desperate effort, the 32-year-old decided to take the plunge and climb into the murky pool with his camera and ended up contracting several tropical diseases.

Magazine Covers & Articles

My cover photograph on the Wild Magazine won the prestigious PICA Award for the best magazine cover, awarded by the Magazine Publishers association of South Africa.

Read the PDF of my cover story here

My Wrestling Bulls image appeared on the cover of the Africa Geographic magazine…

It was a lovely surprise to see my image grace the cover of the Africa Geographic Magazine.  I took the image in the Serengeti and in an attempt to show the vastness of the plains, I thought what better way, than to use the landscape to dwarf the largest land mammal on planet earth…

A book on business philosophy has used my ‘Blood, Sweat and Photographic Tears’ project to illustrate certain key business principles. My lioness and cubs appear on the cover.

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The Story Behind This Epic Photo of a Leopard on Night Patrol

Broadcast Media

On Assignment

I am currently hosting the ‘On Assignment’ photographic segment for Africa Geographic magazine. This monthly column aims to take readers ‘behind the scenes of Africa’s most arresting photographs’…

The picture here is from the article ‘QUEEN OF THE CASTLE’, a classic example of being at the right place at the right time…

Read ‘On Assignment – Queen of the Castle’ here…


My images were selected to represent Nikon in their ‘I am Nikon’ campaign and featured in various magazines including Africa Geographic.