Bespoke Best of Africa

The 'bespoke best of' concept hinges around the fact that photographers who sign up for private safaris are also the kind who return to Africa more than once. So, while you are in a specific country, instead of spending time only in iconic destinations, why not photograph the seldom photographed and remoter locations too? If you only go on safari to the iconic destinations, these are the same places every other photographer goes. To get unique imagery you need to branch out and I help you do this on the page below. The 'bespoke best of' safaris are usually longer (2 weeks) and if you stick to the 'bespoke best of' recipe, you will get the best photographic results from each country and from the continent as a whole. I have designed incredible 'bespoke best of' safaris for almost every country, so get in touch via the contact form at the end of this page to design your very own 'bespoke best of' Africa safari...

Bespoke Best of Kenya

Kenya offers photographers the most diverse array of photo opportunities and full memory cards are simply the order of the day. There is no country better suited to a bespoke private safari adventure and if you looking for the most authentic traditional safari experience in Africa then I suggest booking a fully mobile Kenyan safari. This will allow you access to the best concessions and private locations in the country. Your camp will move every few days and you will experience a safari like Ernest Hemingway and Karen Blixen did. You will leave invigorated, having been touched by Africa’s soul! Kenya is a country blessed with an incredible abundance of wildlife, so your safari will definitely include exceptional wildlife encounters. It will also include so much more as this country is the home of safari and no one has perfected the ‘art of safari’ like Kenya has. This is also hands down the ultimate country for aerial photography as the rift valley lakes, with their associated scenery, are simply otherworldly – not too mention the millions of flamingoes that inhabit them. Cultural encounters are also second to none in Kenya as you get to photograph and spend time with some of the most authentic indigenous cultures left in Africa, like the famed Maasai and colourful Samburu people. You will go in search of elephant tuskers in remote and large parks and you will photograph rhino and other creatures like Reticulated Giraffe and Grevy’s Zebra, found nowhere else. Using a combination of game reserves, national parks, ranches, community land and concessions, you will unlock and see an Africa of yesteryear. Staying in luxury boutique lodges, family-run ranches and fully mobile canvas camps, you will come to understand that the very word ‘safari’ originated here, and it means to ‘take a journey’.  You will have an incredible adventure as well as run out of card space in your camera!

Book your bespoke ‘Out Of Africa’ safari adventure now. The photography is so dynamic and visually stimulating in this poetic country that it is effortless. Every lens in your bag will be exhausted. A Kenya mobile safari is also a real celebration of life, so just do it by filling out a form at the end of this page.

Bespoke Best of Kenya photographic possibilities

Bespoke Best of Tanzania

There are very few countries as diverse as Tanzania is. It has it all, from remote islands and deep sparkling lakes, through to some of the largest and remotest parks and game reserves on the continent. Mountains, craters, great apes, vast plains and remote bush are all combined in this country and this is what sets it apart from any other. The famed Serengeti is a diverse park and by combining various elements and parts of it, you will be exposed to incredible predators and ‘predators within vistas’. The Ngorongoro Crater is quite simply the 8th natural wonder and a short visit is all that is required to obtain incredible photographs and memories. The Mahale Mountains are home to the largest wild population of Chimpanzee in the world and the camp, aptly named Greystoke, is widely acknowledged as one of Africa’s most sublime safari destinations. Then, as if this is not enough, we move to the south where reserves and parks like Selous, Ruaha and Katavi offer a splendid wild bush wilderness. You will explore the far-flung corners of Ruaha with one of Africa’s finest guides. Mobile camping, fly camping, boating and luxury living are all on offer in Tanzania. Photographing baobabs and stars is a must! This country has such a wide dynamic range that it is recommended that you divide it into a northern and southern circuit, with each requiring about two weeks of travel time. Of course we can combine the two circuits into one safari for you, selecting the best of both the north and the south.

Tanzania, of all the countries, has the best ability to combine iconic destinations like the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, with little known destinations like the Selous and Ruaha. Fill out the form at the end of this page and let’s begin designing your Bespoke Best Of Tanzania safari.

Bespoke Best of Tanzania photographic possibilities

Bespoke Best of Zambia

Zambia is one of those rare countries, which offers a remote and timeless bush experience. This is the official ‘off the beaten track’ safari to do in Africa. With remote flood plains, wild bush, meandering rivers teaming with hippo, crocodiles and elephants, Zambia will steal your heart. Think of secret forests and untamed wilderness. Think of incredible photo opportunities and think of an Africa from long ago. All the parks are remote in Zambia and Kafue is like a little Okavango Delta all to yourself. If the words Lechwe, Oribi and Puku are not familiar to you, then a Zambia safari is what your portfolio needs. South Luangwa has one of the highest leopard densities in Africa plus huge rafts of hippo, basking crocodiles and pink bee-eaters. But, her best-kept secret is a remote little bush camp situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River in the far south of the country. From this base we will explore the river, photographing swimming elephants and yawning hippos. We will canoe secret channels and we will explore and photograph a remote and hidden forest, filled with wild animals and nothing else. Starting or ending your safari at Victoria Falls is a lovely way to imbibe your safari adventure.

If you want to do something wild and different, a safari that is not on the main tourist circuit in Africa, then get in touch now by filling out the form at the end of this page, and let’s design your very own Bespoke Best Of Zambia itinerary. The safari season is short in Zambia so you are aiming for a window between June and October and a 14 day safari will mean that you see the best and secret locations.

Bespoke Best of Zambia photographic possibilities

Bespoke Best of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country that defies odds. Despite suffering a destroyed economy and anarchy, the wildlife is surviving and the country has arguably the best safari guides on the continent. As a result, a Zimbabwe safari is the most adventurous safari you can do because you will get to see and photograph large wild animals, while you are out of the safari truck. Not being in a vehicle really changes things and elevates adrenaline levels. It is not that it is dangerous as the guides are some of the best trained in Africa. In fact, it is because they are so well trained that you will get to experience wildlife on foot and you will realize just how small you really are. A bespoke Zimbabwe safari will see you taking in the vast plains of Hwange National Park where you will be gently introduced to the wild environment as photography is mainly done from a vehicle. Herds of Roan and Sable antelope are an indication of just how remote and wild this park is and it is also one of the few places where lion hunt elephant. Exploring Lake Kariba and photographing wild sunsets filled with dead trees will challenge both your histogram and creativity levels. Heading further east to Mana Pools National Park, your safari will take a wild turn. Photographing elephants and wild dog on foot is simply the norm in this part of Africa. Staking out remote wild pans and springs, you will experience Africa’s wildlife in a new way. Your heart will race and you will feel like you have experienced the ultimate in terms of wildlife experiences. The camps can be basic in Zimbabwe but the wild encounters are simply exhilarating. The wildest place I have ever camped is in the backwaters of Mana Pools National Park and on a bespoke itinerary, we will arrange a night or two fly camping at this special location.

If getting up close and personal with Africa’s wild animals is what you want then this is the country for you. Book your Bespoke Best Of Zimbabwe safari now by filling out the form at the end of this page.

Bespoke Best of Zimbabwe photographic possibilities

Bespoke Best of Botswana

Botswana is quite simply the bespoke safari destination for connoisseurs. The country is relatively small and flat. The human population is tiny, yet the wilderness areas are vast. The entire country is basically one giant wildlife concession and as such it offers the most remote and exclusive wildlife viewing of any country. If you wanting to really get away from it all and escape deep into the bush, then Botswana is the country for you. There is no other country that blends photographic opportunities and exclusivity like Botswana does. A bespoke safari in Botswana will no doubt see you exploring vast and remote private concessions in the heart of the Okavango Delta. These concessions are as large as game reserves and parks in other countries but have just one or two camps in them. This means that driving for hours on end and seeing nobody else is the norm. This is the closest you will get to photographing like a National Geographic documentary maker – in splendid wild isolation. The Okavango is one of Africa’s last great wildernesses, a place where the water, desert and sky meet to offer you a truly immersive experience. It is the furthest place you will get from civilization and yet the camps are luxurious, small and intimate. The delta is also one of the very best locations to combine big cat and wild dog photography. There are a number of different camps and concessions to explore. Some camps are uber-luxurious but you can also do an Okavango expedition-style camp, transecting the Okavango by boat and exploring hidden gems, this offers you a more authentic and intimate safari experience.  If you like the sound of taking a dip in the cool refreshing waters, of picnic lunches on islands, of camping under starry skies, then this is the safari for you and as wild as it gets. Doing and expedition-style Okavango safari and ending at an uber-luxurious camp makes this the ultimate safari destination. The rest of the country is incredible too. Flying over the saltpans with flamingoes and zebras below are two experiences that will keep your shutter button firmly pressed. If you enjoy cultural experiences then a Bushman reenactment from a bygone era is also an incredible photo opportunity that takes place in the Kalahari Desert. Add in meerkats, sleep-outs and some of the best elephant photography anywhere, including a custom-built hide for photographers, and you have a country that might just clinch the ultimate bespoke safari title.

I will go as far as to say that if you only have time for one safari, then I would say that a Bespoke Best Of Botswana safari is the one to be done and simply because it offers you the opportunity to be all alone, in one of Africa’s last great and untouched wilderness areas – the Okavango. Get in touch now to design your immersive Bespoke Best Of Botswana safari experience by filling out the form at the end of this page.

Bespoke Best of Botswana photographic possibilities

Bespoke Best of Namibia

Namibia is like no other country and it is therefore an easy decision to add it to your safari bucket list. It is a country that is sparsely populated and the Namibian sky seems extra big. A Namibia safari is like visiting another planet, one where the silence can be deafening and where the feeling of being ‘out there’ is no greater. A best of Nambia safari will entail seeing the fossilized trees of Sossusvlie before taking a helicopter flight over one of the most rugged coastlines anywhere in the world. Where the hot Namib Desert meets the cool Atlantic Ocean is where the photographic magic happens. Continuing up along the coast your safari will make a stop in the desert for macro photography as well as pelicans and flamingoes. From there it will get really remote as we explore for desert-adapted Black Rhino as well as desert elephant and giraffe in the Hoanib Valley. We will follow ancient riverbeds to the coast where we will picnic, before flying back to our camp in the middle of nowhere. If you want to, you can journey to the land of the Himba in the remotest north of the country and you can end your safari in a private concession adjacent to Etosha National Park.

Namibia is all about space and freedom, and starry starry nights. If you are searching for remote vistas in the middle of nowhere then book your Bespoke Best Of Namibia safari now by filling out a form at the end of this page.

Bespoke Best of Namibia photographic possibilities

Bespoke Best of South Africa

South Africa is in many ways the perfect safari country, especially for those who want exceptional photographs but without the fuss of traveling and dealing with ‘Africa’. The country has basically two superb offerings, one being the Kruger National Park and the other being Cape Town. So, if you wanting a luxurious safari and a balance between adventure and comfort then look no further. Your bespoke best of South Africa safari will start in the Kruger area where on privately owned land; you will photograph the Big 5 and stand a very good chance of seeing wild dog and cheetah too. Just because the camps are luxurious and the vehicles are comfortable does not mean that this is not wild Africa. Kruger is one of Africa’s largest and greatest ecosystems and the animals you will be photographing are as wild and free as anywhere else in Africa. In fact there is nowhere else in Africa that offers up as many leopards as South Africa does and there is no place else that can guarantee regular Big 5 sightings like South Africa can. Gourmet food and wine are the order of the day when on safari in South Africa and your safari will see you visiting three different concessions in the Kruger area. All are private and as such you will not see many other cars. The sightings are limited to a maximum of 4 vehicles, so there is no congestion. You can photograph the only wild white lion left in the world as well as all of Africa’s other large and general game. This is the best place in Africa for leopard photography. After exploring three special parts of Kruger you will fly to Cape Town. Here the safari does not end but rather, it takes a fascinating turn. You will enjoy a combination of scenic helicopter flights and hikes up beautiful mountains for sundowners and moon rises. You will kayak in the sea and photograph penguins. Imagine seeing penguins and giraffes on the same safari! You will dive with Great White Sharks (if you want to?) and explore the hidden natural gems of one of the most beautiful city settings in the world. Think of this as a the ultimate urban safari as you experience Cape Town like other tourists do not. The city offers an incredible culinary safari and we know all the best restaurants. You will enjoy art and culture in Africa’s most beautiful city and you will also explore beyond the boundaries of Cape Town, visiting the very best local spots and secret locations in the surrounding mountains.

If you love leopards and enjoy low light predator photography, then South Africa is the country for you. If 3’rd world airports and travel is not your favourite part of going on safari, and if you want regular Big 5 sightings, then book your Bespoke Best Of South Africa safari now by filling out a form at the end of this page.

Bespoke Best of South Africa photographic possibilities

Bespoke Specialist Safaris

Africa is a big place and if you wanting to explore and photograph Africa beyond the boundaries of the above listed safari countries, then I also offer a bespoke private guiding and exploratory service.

If you wanting to photograph Gelada Baboons and Ethiopian Wolves, or if you wanting to photograph bats in Zambia or stake out a remote forest bai in the Congo Basin, all of which I have done, then simply get in touch on the form below and we can make it happen.

If you would like to photograph any international destinations with me as your photographic guide then please get in touch below.

Is there a destination you have always wanted to visit or an animal you have always wanted to photograph? Get in touch below and let’s see if we can make your dreams come true.

Bespoke Specialist photographic possibilities

Guest Testimonials

'I have traveled several times to Africa, but my recent trip with Greg to Mahale and the Serengeti has been a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Greg's photo workshop was amazing. I feel much more comfortable with my camera now. The greatest wisdom I carried away from Greg is this: I am the photographer not the camera, I can be in control and not depend on the  camera's interpretation of what I see. His tips and advice put me on the right direction to being in control! Beyond the camera, Greg's passion for the natural and his immense knowledge of the Serengeti from the predators to the birdlife and to the smallest flower in that never-ending expanse, gave me a privileged glimpse into the heart of Africa. Thank you Greg. See you on the predator tour!'

Punam Anand Kumar (India)
'Good morning Greg. I trust you got home safely. Eric and I had an uneventful journey home. Surprisingly, Eric found his extender in his camera bag! Thanks for being such an incomparable guide and company. See you in February, if not before (maybe October).'

Stephen and Eric Cheek (UK)
'It was such a privilege to spend a week with Greg. On all levels he is a joy to spend time in the bush with. Its really apparent through his passion, knowledge and talent why he was The Wildlife Photographer of the Year. We had some amazing sightings. From following mating leopards for 5 hours on my birthday to packs of wild dogs, cheetahs, and 19 different leopards. Oh, and two snakes! And of course, spending some time with Claire was very special to us.'

Deborah Keener Brown (USA)
'Dear Greg, the training and experience with you has been even better than we expected. You bring out the best of Africa as you teach us each day to appreciate the animals and capture the best moments with pictures. You are patient and professional and we look forward to another journey with you. Best to you, Bob 'the camera caddy' and Jacquie.'

Bob and Jacquie Paul (USA)
'Hey Greg, It took three days to download and organize my 5412 files! You blew me away with your kindness, graciousness, and expertise. Okay, so now I am bit and I can't wait to go back. The wild is the only thing that makes sense and I understand what motivates you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for introducing me to your world and for sharing your experience, strength, and hope for the future of conservation.'

Nell Dickerson (USA)
'Greg, thanks so much for the outstanding private safari in the Okavango Delta, Botswana that you led for us. The itinerary that you and C4 Photo Safaris developed gave us a terrific mix of magical Delta experiences, with fine camps and excellent local guides. The most important ingredient in this terrific experience, however, was you. On the photographic front, we were inspired by your commitment to artistic creativity and excellence, as well as ethical practices, in the capturing of wildlife images and greatly appreciated your graciously shared world class photographic expertise. We were delighted to find that you are also a knowledgeable naturalist, with wide-ranging expertise and engaging stories (and a voluminous reference library on your phone!) about both the fauna and the flora of Africa. We were encouraged by your commitment to conservation and especially to the Rebuilding the Pride project run by Masai landowner group SORALO in the South Rift Valley of Kenya. We look forward eagerly to joining you in the Masai Mara next year and in the South Rift Valley in 2018!'

Mark and Bonnie Overgaard (USA)
'Since our very first contact, Greg gave me lots of advices about safari destinations and about photography. He always answered my hundreds mail (sorry Greg 😉 ) helping me to find and book the best travel for shooting hippos and to buy some photographic stuffs I have never seen before. I have known a man who really loves Africa and wildlife and most important, who knows lot of things about Africa and wildlife, but at the same time you can talk to him as you talk to one of your friend. I dont write about his knowledge of photo gears and technique as it would be superfluous. I can only say that my skill level is increased by several steps. His advices during safaris were, in my opinion, the best part of my entire time spent in Kenya. During my time spent in the bush, I really feel myself like a photographer, not like a tourist. Thank you, thank you so much to the Whole Oryx Team!'

Nicola Cappelletti (Italy)