Extend your stay in Kenya

What follows are 6 different extensions which dovetail beautifully with your Kenya safari, but which are only booked on a 'per request' basis. The thinking behind these extensions is simply to maximize your time in East Africa as you would have flown all the way out to Kenya from afar. Since you will be here already, it makes sense to stay longer. Each extension also offers totally different and unique photo opportunities. You can book one or more and any combination of the below safari extensions, each expertly guided by African wildlife photographer Greg du Toit, who will be with you every step of the way. Design your own safari by selecting the extensions you want to do below. Fill out the contact form at the end of the page to receive your own bespoke itinerary...

4 – 14 day Elephant Breeding Herds and Giant Tuskers extensions

3 night Elephant Herds Of Mount Kilimanjaro -Amboseli extension: This is one of my most popular extensions and a 45 minute flight will take you into the heart of an exclusive private conservancy in Amboseli National Park. Here you have full access to the national park but more importantly you will enjoy our own private conservancy away from the minibus tourist vehicles. Inside the conservancy you will enjoy exclusivity and total freedom as you go about your photography. Our aim on this extension of your Kenya private safari is to photograph beautiful herds of elephants and giraffes with the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. Our camp is situated below Mount Kilmanjaro, where you can enjoy the finest view of the mountain (weather permitting) of any safari camp in Africa. I work with an excellent guide in Amboseli who knows exactly what photographers want. Our private safari truck is also open sided to maximize your photographic experience. An Amboseli photo safari is the perfect end to your safari as the vista is incredible and so are the photographic opportunities.

2 night Tuskers Of Chyulu Hills extension: We carry on to the Chyulu Hills where we stake out a waterhole for an entire day and photograph Tuskers coming in to drink.

8 night Tuskers Of Tsavo East extension: For those of you wanting the ultimate elephant extension, Tsavo East is the home of many of the last great tuskers left in Africa. It is also one of Africa’s largest parks and to track down the tuskers we make use of a private mobile safari camp.

5 day Dian Fossey Gorilla extension – Rwanda

If you are looking to make this a true bucket-list safari, we can arrange a Gorilla trekking extension. Rwanda is just a 1 hour flight away from Nairobi and we will take you to the very place where Diane Fossey did her research. You will need a minimum of 4 extra nights to do this extension which includes two gorilla treks. This extension is booked on a per request basis only and seeing the gigantic gentle gorillas in the flesh is an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience – so don’t think twice about doing it. Permits are very limited so book now.

4 – 8 day Northern Kenya Pink Africa extension

4 night Flamingoes of Lake Bagoria extension: This extension is the perfect addition to your safari as you follow the Great Rift Valley through Kenya. 4 nights spent mobile camping on the southern shore of this incredible rift valley lake will give you the ultimate flamingo experience, like no other safari can offer. We have special permission to put a boat on the lake and between boating and helicopter flying, you will get the ultimate flamingo portfolio. The campsite we use is exclusive and one of the finest locations in Kenya, next to a clear flowing stream and set about with fig tress. This is as bespoke as it gets!

3 nights Remote North, Lake Logipi and Turkana extension:  Based in the far remote north of Kenya you will fly over the most spectacular rift valley scenery. Photographing Lake Logipi which currently has the highest flamingo concentrations of any lake (around 4 million birds), will complete your incredible Pink Africa experience. Photographing flamingoes from above is an ‘out of Africa’ experience not to be missed. If you have a penchant to go off the beaten track then this extension is definitely for you.

Everyone who has done the Pink Africa extensions have said that it was the best safari experience of their life!

Your photographic possibilities on these extensions

Any one or combination of the safari extensions can be arranged to make this a safari of a lifetime.

4 – 8 days Rhinos, Zebra and Giraffe of Mount Kenya extension

This is extension is one of my most popular as not many photographers know this but Kenya is the best place in Africa to photograph rhino. I know a secret location where you can photograph white rhino with babies as well as the elusive black rhino. We can also photograph lion in a secret forest below the Aberdare mountain range. The birdlife is prolific and our accommodation is in Kenya’s finest and most luxurious boutique lodge which has only 6 rooms. This extension is one of my most popular. A simple road transfer takes us to our second location to photograph the endangered northern rangeland species. Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk, Reticulated giraffe and striped hyena are our photographic subjects, as are breathtaking views of Mount Kenya and exceptional birdlife. See my baby rhino ‘Run, sleep, eat repeat‘ baby rhino picture story from this extension…

6 day Tanzania Mahale Mountains Chimpanzee extension – Tanzania

The Mahale Mountains of Tanzania are home to the largest wild population of chimpanzees in the world. We have our own guide and trackers, so you can take your time and if you do not want to hold the group up, you can wait and rest, and then have your own chimp viewing. This highly exclusive extension is regarded among African aficionados as one of the finest safari destinations in Africa. To get a feel for this extension watch this video clip.

4-7 day Wild Ruaha Walking Extension – Tanzania

Ruaha National Park is known as the ‘connoisseur’s park’ and not for no good reason as it offers pure unadulterated wild bush country. You will enjoy a mobile safari that will see you experiencing and seeing parts of Ruaha that few people ever get to see. A walking safari and mobile camping experience is what this extension is all about. Ruaha is regarded as one of Africa’s wildest bush parks. Ruaha has exceptional baobab trees, perfect for star trails. For this extension we have special permission to walk in Ruaha and we are guided by the best walking guide in East Africa. This Ruaha extension is booked on a private request basis only.

Guest Testimonials

'I have traveled several times to Africa, but my recent trip with Greg to Mahale and the Serengeti has been a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Greg's photo workshop was amazing. I feel much more comfortable with my camera now. The greatest wisdom I carried away from Greg is this: I am the photographer not the camera, I can be in control and not depend on the  camera's interpretation of what I see. His tips and advice put me on the right direction to being in control! Beyond the camera, Greg's passion for the natural and his immense knowledge of the Serengeti from the predators to the birdlife and to the smallest flower in that never-ending expanse, gave me a privileged glimpse into the heart of Africa. Thank you Greg. See you on the predator tour!'

Punam Anand Kumar (India)
'Good morning Greg. I trust you got home safely. Eric and I had an uneventful journey home. Surprisingly, Eric found his extender in his camera bag! Thanks for being such an incomparable guide and company. See you in February, if not before (maybe October).'

Stephen and Eric Cheek (UK)
'It was such a privilege to spend a week with Greg. On all levels he is a joy to spend time in the bush with. Its really apparent through his passion, knowledge and talent why he was The Wildlife Photographer of the Year. We had some amazing sightings. From following mating leopards for 5 hours on my birthday to packs of wild dogs, cheetahs, and 19 different leopards. Oh, and two snakes! And of course, spending some time with Claire was very special to us.'

Deborah Keener Brown (USA)
'Dear Greg, the training and experience with you has been even better than we expected. You bring out the best of Africa as you teach us each day to appreciate the animals and capture the best moments with pictures. You are patient and professional and we look forward to another journey with you. Best to you, Bob 'the camera caddy' and Jacquie.'

Bob and Jacquie Paul (USA)
'Hey Greg, It took three days to download and organize my 5412 files! You blew me away with your kindness, graciousness, and expertise. Okay, so now I am bit and I can't wait to go back. The wild is the only thing that makes sense and I understand what motivates you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for introducing me to your world and for sharing your experience, strength, and hope for the future of conservation.'

Nell Dickerson (USA)
'Greg, thanks so much for the outstanding private safari in the Okavango Delta, Botswana that you led for us. The itinerary that you and C4 Photo Safaris developed gave us a terrific mix of magical Delta experiences, with fine camps and excellent local guides. The most important ingredient in this terrific experience, however, was you. On the photographic front, we were inspired by your commitment to artistic creativity and excellence, as well as ethical practices, in the capturing of wildlife images and greatly appreciated your graciously shared world class photographic expertise. We were delighted to find that you are also a knowledgeable naturalist, with wide-ranging expertise and engaging stories (and a voluminous reference library on your phone!) about both the fauna and the flora of Africa. We were encouraged by your commitment to conservation and especially to the Rebuilding the Pride project run by Masai landowner group SORALO in the South Rift Valley of Kenya. We look forward eagerly to joining you in the Masai Mara next year and in the South Rift Valley in 2018!'

Mark and Bonnie Overgaard (USA)
'Since our very first contact, Greg gave me lots of advices about safari destinations and about photography. He always answered my hundreds mail (sorry Greg 😉 ) helping me to find and book the best travel for shooting hippos and to buy some photographic stuffs I have never seen before. I have known a man who really loves Africa and wildlife and most important, who knows lot of things about Africa and wildlife, but at the same time you can talk to him as you talk to one of your friend. I dont write about his knowledge of photo gears and technique as it would be superfluous. I can only say that my skill level is increased by several steps. His advices during safaris were, in my opinion, the best part of my entire time spent in Kenya. During my time spent in the bush, I really feel myself like a photographer, not like a tourist. Thank you, thank you so much to the Whole Oryx Team!'

Nicola Cappelletti (Italy)