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Chase your Dreams is the title of the address given by adventure keynote speaker and South African motivational speaker, Greg du Toit. This internationally renowned African wildlife photographer will leave you breathless and speechless. He is an African wildlife speaker who won the highest accolade in world wildlife photography when the BBC named him their ‘Wildlife Photographer Of The Year’. This wildlife photographer guest speaker delivers a refreshing, superbly humorous, highly visual and thoroughly entertaining one-of-a-kind presentation. Detailing an incredibly dangerous pursuit, this is a ‘tell all story’ about one man’s passion to succeed against severe odds. This true story inspires, motivates and WOW’s audiences.

More about ‘Chase Your Dreams’: This is the incredible true story of international award winning African wildlife speaker, Greg du Toit. Detailing his personal undertaking to get the ultimate eye-level photograph of lions drinking at a waterhole in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, this adventure keynote speaker delivers a truly outstanding presentation. As a wildlife photographer guest speaker his talk is accompanied by spellbindingly beautiful visuals! This African wildlife speaker offers audiences insight into the patience, passion, commitment and dedication that it takes for a wildlife photographer in the 21st century to capture groundbreaking imagery. The personable style of the South African motivational speaker as well as the infectious story itself, motivates and inspires on every level. This natural world guest speaker details a 16 month project, including the 270 hours he spent actually sitting in the water, nearly loosing his life to lions and contracting numerous tropical illnesses. 

As a nature guest speaker, Greg’s story shows how the impossible can be achieved through resourcefulness, focus, creativity, dogged determination, appreciation and above all else – patience! Partake in another man’s ‘against all odds’ quest to accomplish the impossible and to find out how images that Greg captured in a remote corner of Maasai-land, lead to a sellout solo exhibition with the National Geographic Gallery on the high streets of London, and to a cover story for the Africa Geographic.  

Chase Your Dreams has received exposure the world over with this South African motivational speaker having delivered this presentation as far afield as Finland and India. The BBC Worldwide Service and both local and international newspapers have interviewed this wildlife photographer guest speaker about his story. This adventure keynote speaker has also appeared on live CNBC television and is an official YPO international speaking resource.

* To make your evening or event extra special, Greg can offer an exclusive book signing of his personal memoir. An exhibition or charity auction can also be arranged.

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About Greg

According to Africa Geographic, Greg du Toit is Africa’s best known wildlife photographer. A 3 year project photographing leopards in low light lead to a thirteen page portfolio in the BBC Wildlife Magazine, while a long exposure of elephants at a waterhole in Botswana, earned him the highest accolade in world wildlife photography when the BBC named him their ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’. He has authored 3 books, been interviewed by the BBC World Service, CNBC television, international newspapers and held art exhibitions with National Geographic Galleries in London and Singapore. He sells limited edition wildlife prints of his work and is one of Africa’s most sought after private safari guides (watch YouTube videos made with his iPhone on recent safaris).